E3 2017 – My Favorites

Earlier today we finally had the chance to watch Nintendo’s E3 2017 “conference” which is officially called Nintendo Spotlight. With this show being out the way it means that all conferences have been aired and now the show room floor is about to open to press and this year some of the public who purchased tickets to attend. And although the conferences might be over, the announcements still linger quite strongly, so lets discuss your favorites as well as mine.

I’ll begin with the most recent announcements and that is from Nintendo. Making their ways onto my highly anticipated list is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well as Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. Both titles are set to be released later this year and although vastly different I believe they will earn much respect from me. Also announced from the CEO of The Pokémon Company during Nintendo’s event was that Nintendo is working on a core Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch which the mention alone has brought excitement and joy to all Pokémon fans across the world and yes that includes myself!

Staying with earlier today Sony held their conference and although there were a ton of incredible announcements including Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom and the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, none stood out more to me than Monster Hunter Worlds. I’ve been a fan of the series for 11 years now and moved with it from PSP to the Wii to the 3DS and WiiU and then remained with the 3DS over the past three installments. To see this title returning to another home console and the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC is amazing! If you’ve not heard or seen anything on Monster Hunter before I highly recommend you watch the trailer below and keep in mind that hunts can be taken on with three friends along side you in-game as well.

Following Sony or rather prior to Sony, Ubisoft had their conference and I think Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle stole the show. The title was laughed at upon its leak but after more was shown both during the Ubisoft conference as well as Nintendo Spotlight I think players/fans have found new faith and hope for the title. And finally we take a look at EA and Xbox. EA started off well especially for sports fans but there were two titles from their conference that stood out for me. The first was Need for Speed Payback. The conference showed off an epic jaw dropping game-play trailer which looks as if its come out directly from a Fast and Furious movie. The second title teased with a tiny trailer at EA was a title called Anthem which thankfully was showed a lot more during the Xbox event.

As mentioned above Anthem was originally showed off the previous night during the EA conference however the trailer showed off during the Xbox conference blew me out of the water!! An open world multiplayer capable title with exo-skeleton suits named Javelins!! YES PLEASE!! The game-play trailer is a must watch below!

I’d love to know what you’ve been impressed with so far and what has left you wanting for more.

  • Zain

E3 2017 is upon us, what are your expectations & predictions?

Earlier this week the team at SaGamer discussed our E3 2017 expectations. With E3 looming over our heads, I thought it would be good to talk about what I’m expecting or rather hoping for out of The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017.

Beginning tomorrow the 10th of June EA will host their conference and although its not part of the E3 line up specifically I am quite excited to see one game in particular that’s on their roster and that’s Need for Speed Payback. EA revealed and released the games trailer a week ago which can be seen below.

That’s about all I’d like to see from EA to be honest and there after my focus shall shift to Bethesda. If I had to hope for the impossible I would wish for an announcement or news on a new Fallout title but with rumors going around on Bethesda working on a new Wolfenstein and/or a new Evil Within, my dreams on a new Fallout title is just that, but a dream. However there are talks about the show having Fallout 4 VR. Now although Fallout 4 itself is not a new title, to see it in VR and hear more on its mechanics and system through VR will be a treat for me.

Following Bethesda are the Ubisoft and PlayStation conferences. With Ubisoft I am actually quite interested to see more on Assassins Creed Origins where as PlayStation probably has the most hype going for it throughout the world (disclaimer my hype train will be leaving the station last in the form of Nintendo) although there are two titles in specific that I was intrigued to see and that is The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding (sadly I think Kojima advised that this might not be at the show).

With the rest of the shows out the way specific to my interests I shall now dive into what is probably going to make my E3 and that is the Nintendo portion of E3.

Nintendo last year hosted one hell of a show for me. Although they didn’t really have much on their show floor, the Breath of the Wild set-up was incredible. I remember watching their Treehouse live segments every chance that I could. And this year I doubt that this will change. There are so many titles that I’m interested in seeing from Nintendo this year at E3 that I’ve decided to rather list them below instead of talking about each one. As talking about each one might keep you here the entire evening.

– Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon (I have so much to say about this after the Nintendo Pokémon Direct the other day but I shall keep my head up high and wait on Nintendo to show more at E3 2017)
– Super Mario Odyssey (Next to Breath of the Wild anyone that owns a Switch cannot say that they aren’t waiting on this!)
– Fire Emblem (2018’s release for the Nintendo Switch)
– Monster Hunter XX (Nintendo Switch)
– Project Octopath Traveler
– Mario and Rabbids Kingdom (I assume this will be showed off with Nintendo but Ubisoft might do the honors)
– Xenoblade 2
– Ever Oasis

When it comes to Nintendo I have quite high expectations unfortunately. Even more so, a wish for an announcement on a new piece of hardware…The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic.

Tell me what are you hoping for from all the announcements soon to grace us from E3 2017?

  • Zain

When Life throws a spanner in the works…goodbye Switch

As we go through life we discover that there are many aspects that can uplift us as well as bring us down. When I thought about starting this blog I expected to only be writing about the good times, my passions, my hobbies and how amazing it all is. Well this week something happened that left me feeling down and out. I was finally in a good position to start saving up for the Nintendo Switch late last year, around November 2016. However being a video game collector (yep, some Retro Gaming deals just cannot be passed on) and purchasing a property two months ago I’ve had to cram down on just how much I put away for the Switch and honestly it was going well. So well that last week I made a little sacrifice and sold off a few of my Nintendo games which then gave me just enough to finally purchase the Switch.

Murphy (Murphy’s Law) however had different plans and on Wednesday morning I found my self booking my car in to the auto-shop. A few hours later after their driver drops me of at the office I get a call with the problem…my cars alternator needs to be replaced. Okay no problem it has to be done right, so how much is it going to cost me I ask. The price…70% the cost of a Nintendo Switch – GOOD BYE Switch…for now.

Image – Pinterest

It unfortunately left me feeling completely drained but I knew at the same time that as unfortunate as it may be, all I have to do is lift my head up and start saving again. Yes the time frame of acquiring a Switch obviously shifts a few months down but that’s fine right, good things come to those who wait.

Through out all this though there was a question that really made me think, how do others deal with these kind of situations. My situation thankfully is truly nothing major in the grand scheme of things but what situations and difficulties have you had in life with regards to video games or your passions that were blocked due to life throwing that spanner in the works.

Fire Emblem Heroes – The Voting Gauntlet!

The mobile wonder hit for Fire Emblem fans across the world released just over a month ago now, Fire Emblem Heroes. The “gotcha” mobile tactical rpg that has fans summoning characters from across the Fire Emblem franchise.

A summoning system that I both hate and love. Why you ask. Well lets just say that while every other fan around me has summoned more than two five star heroes, it took me a month and quite a number of summons to finally summon my first legendary hero.

However I cannot complain as the five star hero that I managed to summon was non other than Hoshido’s Samurai Prince Ryoma! A noble from Fire Emblem Fates.


Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting the games “first large-scale event” in a battle of Princes vs Princesses. The event begun on the 07th of March with Round 1 and Round 2 both already completed. In Round 1 we saw Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening battling it out against new comer Alfonse from Fire Emblem Heroes, Chrom of course takes victory here. We also see Lucina, from FE Awakening going up against Sharena also from FE Heroes with Lucina taking that victory. And of course Ephraim and Eirika fom Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones take victory against the siblings from Fire Emblem Fates, Leo and Elise.

Round 2 we saw Chrom going up against Ephraim with Ephraim coming out on top and Lucina going up against Eirika, with Lucina taking another round there. The final round has 30 hours left at the time of writing this so there’s still plenty of time for you to get into the action. However at this current moment in time Lucina’s Army is sitting with over 5 million points were as Ephraim’s Army only possesses just under 1.5 million. I hate to count the chicks before they hatch but I would highly recommend you join Lucina’s army for the items and points if you haven’t already joined an army.

During the event fans will also be treated to additional log in bonuses, special quests to earn more battle flags to assist in the voting gauntlet as well as a special Xenologue map under paralogues.

Fans have also been notified in-game that a new feature is coming to the game that’s being called “Inherit Skill”. The feature will allow a character to receive another characters skill. The date for release on this feature is slated for the 16th of March.

To Switch or not to Switch, that is thy question

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a pre-launch event hosted by South Africa’s Nintendo distributor Core. The event in question was for the Nintendo Switch.

The event hosted quite a number of games coming to the Nintendo Switch including Super Bomberman R, Splatoon 2 and of course my most anticipated game this year thus far, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild and the games amiibo…my wallet just started crying.

The console itself was super impressive. As small as they are the Joycon’s fit comfortably in your hands and I was shockingly surprised as to how well the portable mode rendered the games. Some of the other games I played at the event was ARMS, 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips. The HD rumble was especially impressive, trying to guess how many balls are in a box was intriguing. With just over a week left until launch I seriously cannot stop thinking about pre-ordering one.

The problem is that as big of a Nintendo fan as I am I just can’t spend over R5,000 right now. And the sad part is that this would be purchasing the console without a game. Thankfully the game that really is pushing me to get a Switch is also coming to the WiiU. So to answer my question, to Switch or not to Switch, for now I will have to unfortunately not Switch.

Check out a few more snaps below that I took at the event, those neon colored Joycons are simply gorgeous!