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It’s been two weeks since I last posted and within those two weeks a ton of gaming related and non-gaming related matters have occurred.

So let’s start with the games:

Two weeks ago three friends and myself sourced copies of the game Tom Clancy’s The Division and since then we’ve not been playing much else except this. Sadly the game is only played through online capabilities but astoundingly this game is something I feel that I’ve been looking for to fill that co-op craving I’ve been having for the past few months. The AI within the game react to every situation so well that sometimes you’d think that your teams going up against actual players. The content is vast and missions even after doing them over and over again never seems to get old due to the way the AI reacts to situations within the game. This is definitely a good co-op title to look into if you can and with the game having been released ages ago, sourcing a cheap copy of the game was and is quite easy. If I’m not mistaken at the time of writing this the games also on sale on the PlayStation store.

So with all the time spent playing The Division this unfortunately means that my Vault 999 in Fallout Shelter has taken quite a back seat and I’m saddened to say that I’ve neglected the dwellers a little. But nevertheless I shall put on my overseer hat once again to dive into Vault 999 in the next few days. Other games that I’ve managed to squeeze into whilst playing The Division is Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokémon GO (I’ll have to do a separate post on this all together as the recent updates to the game has really enticed players to return to this mobile hit wonder)
and I’ve also managed to review two games, Ever Oasis on the Nintendo 3DS and a retro title known as Dr. Mario with both reviews being published over at SaGamer.

Now to move on to the non-gaming related matters although they’re still in principal relate to video games as a whole.

Controller of Life has now moved to its very own domain.

This past two weeks I’ve been dabbling around with a friend of mine who’s helped me move all the content from this site to a new site – Sounds familiar doesn’t it. The new site will allow me to continue to make amazing content, cover video gaming and anime news and also create an Epic website to navigate through over time. Please feel free to hop on over and subscribe via email as I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve also started uploading game-play videos and video gaming related videos to YouTube, please check out my channel. This was of course inspired by the amazing and highly knowledgeable Mr Panda. For incredible video game reviews and awesome content please check out his website and YouTube channel.

  • Zain

Welcome Dwellers to Vault 999 – Fallout Shelter

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about a certain video game, one that I really attached myself to whilst playing, Fallout 4. After purchasing it at launch I completed the game three months later but the characters, world setting and story still resonates with me a year later.

So with E3 looming once again I remember just how excited I was during the Bethesda conference when Fallout 4 and more importantly for this post Fallout Shelter (announcement trailer below) was announced. And to every ones surprise Fallout Shelter was made available to fans immediately after the conference. Now this was of course way back in 2015 and since then I’ve downloaded Fallout Shelter and admittedly played it for about a month before dropping it. Yesterday however I decided to give it another shot and created Vault 999.


So after downloading it late yesterday afternoon I began creating the safe haven for survivors also known as dwellers from the harsh environments of the post apocalyptic world that is Fallout.

After about 4 hours and 50 minutes I am completely hooked (honestly was already hooked in the first 30 minutes) and this time intend on sticking around, which lets be honest is sometimes easier to say than do right. Which got me thinking, “why not share my progress in a weekly post”. And this is what brings us to a new feature on Controller of Life – Fallout Shelter Vault 999. I’ll be sharing screenshots (game-play videos in future posts) and updates every week possibly a Friday or Saturday on my progress through the inner workings and struggles into running and overseeing a safe haven known as a vault in the world of Fallout.

So to kick things off lets take a quick look at my vault currently which can be seen in the image below.

First Level:
– 1 Residence that can hold up to two dwellers just after the vaults entrance
– A Water Treatment Station (two placed next to one another and upgraded once)
– The Overseer’s office where my dwellers can leave on quests from

Second Level:
– Power Station (three placed next to each other and with the upgrade it has merged into one room)
– Diner (three placed next to each other which has merged into one room)

Third Level:
– 1 Living Quarters that can hold up to six dwellers (this is also three placed next to one another and merged into one)
– A Medbay (two placed next to each other which of course merged into one)
– A Storage Room

Vault Stats
– 21 Dwellers
– 1 Pet
– 6 Babies Born
– 9 Weapons
– 14 Outfits
– And to my surprise 10 raider attacks

I’ve added a few images below of raider attacks, a dweller on a quest and Dennis my Vault entrance guard in his brotherhood armor with his pet.

I would love to know if you’ve ever played Fallout Shelter before or perhaps currently playing it.

Until next week this is the Overseer of Vault 999 signing off, stay safe out there dwellers and be sure to always carry Stimpaks and Radaways before adventuring out into the harsh environments that is the wastelands.

  • Zain